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I looked up from perusing my friends page and realized I haven't posted in this journal in 4 *weeks*.


Well obviously, I've survived the mini-snowpocolypse. My boss decided to have a snow day, so I've been puttering around the house all day. I tidied my office then un-tidied it again while trying to find something. *sigh* I ran the dishwasher, AND unloaded it. (Exciting, eh? The glamour, it buuuurrrns.)

I cleared expired canned goods out of my cabinets. Canned corn that expired in 2004 counts as Vegetable Zombies. I organized our collection of teas. (Is your heart beating any faster yet? :P)

I made dinner, which was an improvised version of North Carolina Style pulled chicken. (onions, garlic, hot-sauce, tomato paste, red wine vinegar, hard cider, honey + defrosted leftover chicken.) Stewed till the chicken was falling apart, then served over a brown rice and quinoa pilaf. Yum.

I did have some excitement this weekend, with the Privateer Feast! (11K-ish raised! whoohoo!) I continued my general trend of Not winning raffle items. *G* But really, i don't got to these things to win raffle items, I go to support the great work many of my friends do to raise money for *very* worthy causes. The fabulous conviviality is simply a wondrous side-effect. *G* I was terribly glad to see all the folks i know who were there, and I missed those who weren't. ***hugs**

I was plied with all sort of libations, but managed to stay on the light side of the force. (slightly lubricated social glow:*good!*, sloppy drunk=*bad*.)The food was very yummmy,and plenty of it! Mmmmmmmmushrooms. The Musical entertainment was wonderful. As usual, I flitted about the room, trying to talk to everyone at once. ::::wwwwwhhhhhhhirrrrrrr::: And also as usual, the 4 hours or so went by tremendously fast.

Good times, I tell you! Hard to belive its been *8* years. My god, how time does fly. I still remeber sitting at a table in the ground round after faire when this idea was being batted around for the first time.
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