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Jun. 21st, 2009 11:16 am
keltique: (arrgh)
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to all the folks who turned out for my birthday party! yay!
(If you didn't show up, we missed you, but hope to see you another time :P)

*G* The weather messed with us a bit at the beginning, slowing down set-up and such, but it did eventually clear up to a nice sunny/breezy day. And the Armageddon Tstorm they kept predicting, never showed, thank goodness. (tho i did keep checking live doppler on the intarwebs every couple of hours to make sure.)

So it was a little smaller that parties we've had in years past, but that was a not at all a bad thing!
There was Bacon theme! [ profile] la_penguinita made a Bacon Explosion. It was marvelously yummy, and no one keeled over from cardiac arrest.

(tell me again, which arm hurts when you're having a heart attack? :P)

There was food a-plenty, people spinning poi, kiddie pools with kids in them, lots of good conversations, adorable babies, men in matching Akubras & Fabulous desserts! [ profile] museclio made key lime pie. Twice. And there was that totally yummy chocolate cake, that [ profile] easy_living keeps trying to kill me with. *G*

And a truly epic "apples to apples" game. And tasty accidental butter.

Yay!!! This morning, we got all the overnight guests fed & caffinated and packed off to enjoy some tubing. (I was temepted to go, but my spoon levels/task list made not going the wise choice.)

Thank you all so much. I'm a very lucky person to know such peoples! **hugs*
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