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I know I've been letting this journal lapse shamefully....

So i thought I's check in with a general update. *G*

Today was my first attempt to get back on the yoga horse after falling off it about this time last year. the Instructor is still a kind, gentle, supportive *sadist*. LOL But at least she encourages you to listen to your body, and *don't* try to put your ankle behind your ear if your body doesn't want to *do* that. *chuckle*

That and I recently started a TaiChi class with the nice folks at PeaceableDragon, and that seems to be going well. Tho i've reached a point where i'll really *need* to start practicing the poses *right after* class to reinforce them. (What was "ward off left" again?) *sigh*

Been hitting faire occasionally, possibly planning on being there perhaps this sunday (as my photo shoot appointment moved *again*) if i"m sufficiently productive with house stuff on saturday.
Then probably one day next weekend, and hopefully both Days Closing weekend. (tho I'll be *late* on saturday.)

Yah, after almost 8 years of "all day, every day at faire" , I have definitely moved into a less compulsive place regarding faire attendance. *G* Which is fine, really...

Even after choosing to Not take on my usual raft of pro bono projects this year, I still find myself still prone to massive bouts of overscheduling. *sigh* I appear to be attracted to the *busy*, eh?

But, yeah, still here, still keepin' on keepin' on... *G*

Date: 2009-10-10 05:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
{{huge}} you've been missed!


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