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Really, I do plan to post in this blog more often. In the mean time, an illustrated update:

Snow. SNOMG! I had pooh-pooh'd the oncoming predicted storm with some statement about "I don't get worried until the word 'feet' enters the discussion." So the snowpocolypse is totally my fault.

Foot and a half, really. There were some 3 foot drifts in the backyard. Friday nite dinner guests became *weekend* house guests. Good thing i cooked a big dinner with plenty of leftovers.

Cars and guests were duly rescued in time for the BIG Drive west to Illinois. #RR & I got up at Zero Dark on Tuesday and drove Aprox. 13 HOURS to Just east of St. Louis.

Spent plenty of Family time with Sis, BiL, Adorable Nephew, Mom, Dad & the Dog. The Boy was more or less buried in toys again this year. (he's got the better part of 10 adults getting him things. LOL)

Someone got a nerf gun for Christmas...


How many adults does it take to assemble a hot wheels track?

We made the 13 hour drive back home sunday. I am recovering today, and putting stuff from the trip away. And getting annoyed by a cold. possibly the same one bugging everyone on my Flist, it seems. LOL

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday and best wishes for the new year!

Date: 2009-12-29 01:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It takes atleast 3 adults to put together a hot whells track. It helps to have an engineer in there too!


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