Jan. 19th, 2009 07:42 pm
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I did make it to the Owain Phyfe show, which was lovely! Nice to see lots of faire folks, and collect some hugs. Good times! And midnight snack afterward was lovely. *G*

[ profile] pinkribbonwench and I are still Quarters Champeens! *chuckle*

Woke up on Sunday feeling poorly, though. *hack* *wheeze* The mild cough had morphed into full blown chest cold. So Sunday, I did nothing much other than poke the 'puter a little bit. Meds and tea and naps. Today was meds and tea and more naps. (I'm currently working on my last cup of tea before bed times.)

Tomorrow I have some plans, but i shall go about them slowly. Get the silly jeep radio looked at, Lunch and toes with some Goilfreinds, and then dinner with T. No heavy exertion.

Then probably home fairly early and straight to bed. *zzzzzzzzz* Mucinex is my pal.


Jan. 14th, 2009 09:53 am
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So, Who else is going to see Owain Phyfe this Saturday?
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Without any psychoactive chemicals!!

Crowbars for the doors of perception!
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One of my goals (we won't call it a resolution) for this year, is to *post* more. 2008 has been a light posting year for me. This has been for various reasons, including way-too-many-outside-projects-that eat-my-brain, and a deep tendency to get wildly distracted by *reading* the LJ postings of Everyone.

*sigh* I may have to trim my Default View just a tad, in order to reign in my brain a bit. Not planning on *unfriending, just controlling what *automatically* shows up for the reading. As always, if you really need me to know something, an email or phone call is the quickest way to get a hold of me.

(Why yes, there is probably some mild level of ADD at work. :P My Social Distraction, Let me show you it!)

So some recent things of note, That I'M writing down so that i can come back later and enjoy them again, rather than forgetting them:

cut for length - clicky to view )
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But really, I'm sure one of the circles of hell is an airport.

Despite mother nature's best efforts, we landed last nite about 1:40. Retrieved luggage & car and got home and in bed perilously close to 3am. *crater*

The Adorable nephew is still adorable, even when the only answer he has is "no".

Xmas was nice and my parent's new home is lovely. (dad has 2 workshops - he is happy)

I hope everyone else had a lovely holiday, and vastly less annoying travel than we did.

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Thanksgiving was good! We (3RR, TW & I) went to a friend's home for turkey day, and he did his best to feed us and some other friends until we all popped. (Have a mint, they're *wafer* thin!) *G* Plus there were funny moments of Cats Eyeing the Pie. And a good bit of wine. Good times!

3RR & I went out to Staunton to catch Measure for Measure at the Blackfriars Theater. Their motto: "We do it with the lights on!". There is no dimming of the house lights and the cast interacts a lot with the audience. If you take one of the onstage seats, there is a high chance that you'll get used as a prop at some point.

I very much enjoyed the performance, and would got back there again to see another one. I was particularly amused at the pre-show and intermission bits, where acoustic versions of pop songs with a a thematic connection to the play were performed by the actors. Really, you haven't lived until you've seen a man in full Elizabethan nobles (doublet,cape, flat cap, pumpkin pants, etc.)singing George Micheal's "Faith". Really.

We also had some yummy meals at places like the Staunton Grocery (high foodie art, I tell you.)And another place called Zynodoa, that was also quite good.

There were also lots of antique stores, and a short loop drive thru the mountains near Waynesboro. Pretty, even after the leaves are gone.

Now comes the run -up to the holidays!And a Trip to the Midwest to see my transplanted family, and the new house my folks have finally moved into, after living in my sister's basement for a year or so. (it's a nice basement!) Holiday parties here and there and all the usual bustle. I'm sure we'll survive in a festive manner. :P
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You'd think I'd have downtime after finishing projects, no? Not. LOL

Saturday started out with shopping at Pentagon row DSW for new winter tall boots to wear, as the shiny pvc ones have finally given up the ghost. Since These had a mostly leather upper, and a big enough elastic panel to accomodate my ginourmous calves, they were the lucky winners.

Then I got the call from [ profile] museclio with the ETA of the moving truck to her new Very-Own abode. So I zoomed up 295 to meet them and proceed with the shifting of possessions from the truck to the condo. Thank ghod for teenage children with sturdy knees. "I drag back an forth, you carry up the stairs."

Then off the the final wrap up meeting on the project, then home to clean up and head out for more socialness. Get home far too late, and up again on Sunday to clean up and head out with [ profile] 3ravnesringo to [ profile] thatliardiego's B-day celebration, in B'more. Yummy seafood. Loads of fine folks. REALLY BIG Beers. ::stagger::: "...but the *second* 16 oz are only $2.75!"

Good times. *G*

And then 3RR and I headed back to have dinner and catch "Quantum of Solace" with [ profile] toki_warax and [ profile] la_penguinita. Mr. Craig is still... umm... *woof*. ::pant, pant::

Then up too late surfing, and *crash*, Now working on second cuppa coffee.
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CRF was good fun, as always. I got to spend time with folks i don't get to see very often, and T did his part to aggressively stimulate the local economy. *G* Good times. Enjoyed the song stylings of Rambling sailors, and discoverd that i did not permanently use up all my song request chits in 2001. *G*
Still can't get *that* song, tho. He claims to have forgotten it completley. Heh.

It was also my happy lot to be present for a hilariously complete butchering of "Sailors Alphabet" by the the Pyrates Royale. Hee. Puffy sleeves and guitars don't mix. and *nothing* rhymes with "orange".

I did not get out to faire as often this fall as i would have liked, only 8 days total. (including CRF) I did get a couple of decent pictures at MDRF, even using my wee cell phone.
Bald-Headed men are cool )

retirement is nice! )

In other news, the holidaze approach, like a festively decorated oncoming train. eek!
I was a good girl this week and got my boobies squished by the medical professionals (as opposed to by the motivated amateurs. :P) Apparently they behaved well for the camera and are declared to be in good shape. yay!

Now, about this Augean stable house of ours... The shoveling must commence.

Carry on...
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Well, we've been home since 5:30, but i did remember to post saying so before i went to bed. meeesa tired. Nite nite
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J&I got up way early and drove out to the polls and kept everyone in line entertained with the J & K show for 45 minutes! *G* He even shared his coffee when i had finished mine. Thats love, i tell you.

Go out and vote!


Oct. 30th, 2008 07:42 am
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test an electric Mini! (in SoCal, NJ or NYC) Nifty.

Just thought I'd check in to say that I am indeed Not Dead.

*G* Getting ready for 2 busy weekends in a row, A conference this weekend, and Next weekend, CRF Invasion! Whoo hoo!

Then I shall fall over and go *crash* until turkey day. Except for picking up the house, which after 2 months of Project & faire when i can, is *trashed*.

In the future: plans to get away for a weekend with [ profile] 3ravensringo, (who isn't coming with me to CRF) and at the end of the year, a trip out to the Midwest to spend Xmas with the family. This year we get to see a 3 year old do the "ZOMG! it's Santa!" first thing in the morning. *G*

In current news, I need to go see the Dr. today, hopefully the issue will prove to be *nothing scary* at all. :::cross fingers::

oh and because it's everywhere (stolen from a nifty fellow captain) and i agree:

Copy this sentence into your livejournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage, and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.
I have friends who are in loving, committed, gay relationships that are marriages in every way but the legal, and strangely enough, I don't feel threatened in the least. *smile*

Remember to Vote on tuesday.
I'm getting up at 5 AM that day to make sure I'm near the Front of the line. Bring a book and coffee. *G*
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no matter what candidate you support, I find that

Has links to several independent sources for cutting thru the campagin spin, to the useful info for making an informed decision.

Question the hype.

And remember: Advertsing Hacks Your Brain.

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according to[ profile] dreamtigress, AOL is going to be booting all its members websites off of its servers, with one months notice.

Therefore , for the last time, I present my My old renfest website.

it's like a bug in amber...fossilized! I don't think its been updated since before 2000. *chuckle*

but there it is. Enjoy the trip in the wayback machine!

(i have a mirror folder on my hard drive, so nothing will be lost)


Sep. 26th, 2008 11:06 am
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FWIW, rain notwithsatnding, it is my plan to be at faire for a few hours on Saturday. Prolly from gate till 3pm or so.

Hope to see you there!

busy bees!

Sep. 7th, 2008 10:02 pm
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..are busy. Last weekend was rather busy with photoshots, other stuff, but i did sneak out to faire on Monday and had a fine (and relaxed) time hanging out. I Stole [ profile] rmblktty out of her booth and we wandered from pub to pub, sitting and chatting with many loverly peoples. I listend to [ profile] pyratelady play the dulcimer and took in [ profile] thatliardiego's pub sing Emcee show.

(yay harmonies!!!! *G*) I waved buh-bye, and zoomed out right after cannon, and went straight home to crash in bed.

This week has been work, and attempting to shake the mild chest cold that's been doggging me. It's not full blown bronchitis or anything, just enough to keep me on OTC meds, and be a real energy sapper.

this weekend was a weekend of No Faire For me. I mostly worked on my big Project, tho i did sneak out with T in the pouring rain to catch the last day of an exhibit on arms an armour at the Folger. It's fun to discuss with historical weapons with some one who geeks as hard as i do. (And has probably spent more time inside a full suit of plate than most folks.) *G*

we also walked around inside the theater itself. Its a lovely interior reproduction of an Elizabethan theater. I recalled the few times i've been in there to see shows. And I thought of [ profile] much_ado's recent and upcoming drama ventures. Every once in a while i can feel the tech theatre bug itching just a tiny bit. **scratch scratch***

Today J and I took the old top off of the Jeep and put the new top on, and cleaned its innnards really thoroughly. The old top had a couple of small holes, and with the storm the carpeting had gotten wet, so it spent most of sunday sitting in the sun drying out. Vaccuming and lots and lots of cleaning wipes. And electrical tape. And an attempt to drill out a screw that had broken off.

But its clean now, and we like the new top with its shiny clear windows.

More photography on monday, and it dosent really look like I'm going to make faire this coming weekend either, due to previous plans on Saturday, and more photography on sunday. But Pirate weeekend Saturday, I will be there! Yarrrrr.
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I did make it out on Saturday, and it was significantly less oppressive than last years' Satan's Armpit Experience. Yay! Made it to faire fairly early, but missed the tailgating due to having to make sure i was promptly in line to buy my pass. I hadn't bought one ahead of time and i was afraid they'd make me hang around and get my picture took. (and have to stand in a long line of people doing the same.)
But no! they happily sold me an "old school" paper pass with checkboxes. Whee. just like old times. (AKA year before last. LOL)

I got's to see and hang out with lots of fine people, and missed at least as many, and got only brief glimpses of twice as many more. Oh well, only 18 more opportunities to go for this year. :) Tho i won't be out every day, i will say with confidence that i plant to be there labor day Monday, invasion Saturday, all of closing weekend and whatever other days i can fit into my schedule.

Note to [ profile] kiltboy: they have silver skull rings with red gemstone for eyes at the jewelry booth near the test of strength, next to medieval moccasins. Near-instant gratification is available!


Aug. 19th, 2008 08:03 am
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today i went out for a 40 minute brisk walk, as i'd been too disorganized to get to the gym this morning. Today is Trash day, and everyone has thier trash out at the curb, ready to go.

one of the things i spotted on the curb, was some sort of wierd musical instrument, that was a wooden box, with lots of plastic mother of pearl keys, and knobs and such. it looked sorta like a toy piano crossed with an accordion. Surreal. Turns out it was a Harmonium, a musical instrument i was previously unaware of.

I resisted my inner pack rats desire to rescue it , as it had several broken keys and looked not-at-all functional. odd, tho.
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Have you seen mine?

Busy weekend, with yardwork galore. (picture me huffing, puffing and slashing away with a variety of sharpened implements) There is an impressive pile of biomass sitting at the curb for pick up. Poking and tweaking done to various freelance projects to keep them on line and on track. In and around this, there was helping [ profile] russell_moore get his tent up and dried out. It looked like Paul Bunyan's laundry day. LOL. (imagine giant skivvies hanging off the deck!)

T popped by to advise J &I about some home improvement projects we've been stuck on, then all 4 of us went out to dinner. There were Huge Breasts! (At the chicken wing joint. )Those weren't no chicken "fingers", i tell you. No matter what the menu says. And the waitress may have been stoned, according to a majority vote from the table.

Drove a fur piece out to preview a shooting site for the freelance project. (I'm beginning to feel the hot, moist breath of the evil beast we call "deadline" on my neck., can you tell?) (boy, I'm parenthetical today)

Today I ordered some photo equipment that I'll need for the shoot, and finally installed CS3 on my mac. (had to wait till i got the memory installed, and a backup drive obtained and backed-up into.) I'm about to disappear into the land of project for the next couple of months.

I am planning to be at opening day tho. *G* (pray for weather that is nicer than the Satan's jockstrap awfulness that was last year.)

It will be my 20th season visiting MDRF, and I find it ironic that I may have to pass on buying a pass for the first time in *gulp* 15 years. (because of the project may not allow me to have more than 6 days at faire, that is the break even point of having the pass.)

Wuv! (and kittens)
keltique: (Default) many knives we actually own. (minus one or 2 swiss army pocket knives we can't seem to locate)

We dug thru the house and made a large pile of blades.
(note: this pile does not include anything that would to us, count as a sword.)

My god. It's full of knives. )

Holy crap that is *lot* of knives. Perhaps next we will *count* them, and see where they line up with [ profile] 3ravensringo's Excel spreadsheet of Knives. Then we'll figure out how to store them in a manner that we can reliably lay hands on any of them when we want to.

Hi, my name is Keltik & I have a Knife Problem. *G*

(p.s. This is a public post, so keep the off-color commentary down to a dull roar, mmkay? thanks!)
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"Someone" reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they’ve printed. It's not the Big Read though -- they don't publish books, and they've only featured these books so far. In any event...
1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you started but did not finish.
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Reprint this list in your own blog so we can try and track down these people who’ve read 6 or less and force books upon them.
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