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*G* same deal as last year!

Jim and I will once again throw a large , chaotic, fun barbecue in our backyard!

June 17th, 2006 From Noon, until either everyone leaves, or we get really tired. *G*

We'll provide some hamburgers and hot dogs, and a hot grill! We'll prolly also have some bevvies. Bring bevvies, if you like, bring a side dish if you like, or bring nothing but your lovely selves. It's all good.

The one thing you may wish to bring, is your very own lawn chair or picnic blanket!

I'll put up the tent, and put out the croquet set & the kidde pool! And likely hang pirate flags all over, because, hey, this is me!

No presents needed, just your *presence* and well wishes.

Children welcomed, we'll do what we *can* to kid-safe the environs.

Hope to see ya'll there!

(RSVPs are handy, if only to give us some idea of how many packs of burgers/kosherdogs/veggie burgers to get.)

UPDATE: (hmmm... perhaps i should throw another one on the First of july? eek!)
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Yes you read it right! I am holding a F***er-ware party! In my home and everything. We thought about the backyard, but decided we'd probably *disturb* the neighbors.

The Presenting Soul will be the loverly and talented [ profile] zammis! ::applause:::

When, you ask?

Saturday, August 6th from 4pm thru 7pm.

There will be munchies, and I'll stock up on fine wines and soda pop. If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll pull out the blender. :P

Lets talk about sex toys.... )

So please do respond here if you'd like to come. *hi-hat* *badump-bump*
Even if you choose not to buy , it promises to be an eddycational evening.

Plus, Apre' party we can all relax with the finest (or worst) of J & I's DVD collection and some lo pressure social time. And pizza...quite possibly pizza. *G*


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