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Still alive, still have power and internet!

Today we try and free the cars.

wish us Luck. Really. )

...'cause otherwise we're going to have to look for Tauntaun rentals to get to work this week.

Speaking of Work, My job appears to be slowly going the way of the dodo. *sigh* We're on a bizzare sort of "week to week" basis. As in i Think we can afford to pay you for next week..."

So if you know anyone who needs a graphic designer/art director, you can find me on linked-in under my real name, and my first stab at a professional website Here Again with the Luck wishing, please :)
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Hello! I'm mostly recovered from vacation, and now fully pointed at party prep. *G* The Deck hhas been powerwashed, and looks tons better. we *may* get a wild hair and do some sanding before they come back to seal it on saturday. Hah.

The shiny new grill of doomy dom doom is all picked out. I still need to get a new "shade the cook" umbrella. The old one died of advanced UV exposure. Still need to get a deck box/seat. and maybe a couple of chairs.

We are working at keeping/ making the house clean in small sessions so's we dont get overwhelmed by the time of the party. Jim's elbow is paining him, but he's now on a treatment plan from a Dr. so hopefully that will improve. My girly bits are back to chafing me again, sadly. I'm about ready to trade my reproductive systems for a ham sandwich. *sigh*

At work we have a very cute kitten my boss rescued from her yard, that will try and eat your face if you let him. *oww* I now have Kitten Lip.


I'm Considering taking either a yoga or a tai-chi class sometime in the immediate future. Does anyone have previous experience with both/either,as taught by Fairfax county Parks & rec?

Or Fitness Yoga as taught by Lifetime fitness? (i'm still *paying* for the membership,i might as well use it)


life continues.
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i was chatting about these just the other day...

these were cool, cool, books...

I *know* I had Prehistoric Mammals, Electricty, Minerals, Dinosaurs, Building, Trees, Birds, Early Man, and bunches of others.

(and some are available used on amazon... hmmmmmmm)

Still working on getting ready for Xmas... *most* prezzies bought, Nothing wrapped.
I still must bake an apple pie. Still no decorations up here at the house.

All will *eventually* be in readiness. Still wainting to hear the final word on what days we have off next week. *sigh* maybe half, maybe *all*, still waiting for "official" annoucement.



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