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still unemployed, tho. *sigh*

Many thanks to everyone who's sent me tips and links and positions they've heard of. It really does help.

Sorry i missed everyone at opening weekend, but *gasp* *shock* *G* I was at a Threads LARP that weekend.

My Geek, let me show you it. *G*

This is the first year in er...16 years that i havent bought fairever pass.
( I bought my first season pass in 1994, I think.) Feels weird as hell, but i just couldn't justify the expense. :(

I will be showing up a bit, I have plans to be at faire on this saturday, and hope to catch up with folks.

5 foot rule in full effect, y'all. *smooch*
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Still alive, still have power and internet!

Today we try and free the cars.

wish us Luck. Really. )

...'cause otherwise we're going to have to look for Tauntaun rentals to get to work this week.

Speaking of Work, My job appears to be slowly going the way of the dodo. *sigh* We're on a bizzare sort of "week to week" basis. As in i Think we can afford to pay you for next week..."

So if you know anyone who needs a graphic designer/art director, you can find me on linked-in under my real name, and my first stab at a professional website Here Again with the Luck wishing, please :)
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Really, I do plan to post in this blog more often. In the mean time, an illustrated update:

Snow. SNOMG! I had pooh-pooh'd the oncoming predicted storm with some statement about "I don't get worried until the word 'feet' enters the discussion." So the snowpocolypse is totally my fault.

the evidence )

Foot and a half, really. There were some 3 foot drifts in the backyard. Friday nite dinner guests became *weekend* house guests. Good thing i cooked a big dinner with plenty of leftovers.

Cars and guests were duly rescued in time for the BIG Drive west to Illinois. #RR & I got up at Zero Dark on Tuesday and drove Aprox. 13 HOURS to Just east of St. Louis.

Spent plenty of Family time with Sis, BiL, Adorable Nephew, Mom, Dad & the Dog. The Boy was more or less buried in toys again this year. (he's got the better part of 10 adults getting him things. LOL)

Xmas! )

We made the 13 hour drive back home sunday. I am recovering today, and putting stuff from the trip away. And getting annoyed by a cold. possibly the same one bugging everyone on my Flist, it seems. LOL

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday and best wishes for the new year!
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I *am* going down to Invasion this weekend, but circumstances have arranged themselves in such a manner that I'm driving down alone.

I'm not staying at the invasion hotel, but I'm am willing to drop off/pick up from there or any of the ones nearby. I'm driving down early on friday am, and driving back early on monday am!

Company makes these sorts of drives, so much better.... *G*

So drop me a reply or a call, and let me know if you'd like a ride!
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I know I've been letting this journal lapse shamefully....

So i thought I's check in with a general update. *G*

Today was my first attempt to get back on the yoga horse after falling off it about this time last year. the Instructor is still a kind, gentle, supportive *sadist*. LOL But at least she encourages you to listen to your body, and *don't* try to put your ankle behind your ear if your body doesn't want to *do* that. *chuckle*

That and I recently started a TaiChi class with the nice folks at PeaceableDragon, and that seems to be going well. Tho i've reached a point where i'll really *need* to start practicing the poses *right after* class to reinforce them. (What was "ward off left" again?) *sigh*

Been hitting faire occasionally, possibly planning on being there perhaps this sunday (as my photo shoot appointment moved *again*) if i"m sufficiently productive with house stuff on saturday.
Then probably one day next weekend, and hopefully both Days Closing weekend. (tho I'll be *late* on saturday.)

Yah, after almost 8 years of "all day, every day at faire" , I have definitely moved into a less compulsive place regarding faire attendance. *G* Which is fine, really...

Even after choosing to Not take on my usual raft of pro bono projects this year, I still find myself still prone to massive bouts of overscheduling. *sigh* I appear to be attracted to the *busy*, eh?

But, yeah, still here, still keepin' on keepin' on... *G*
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It's a 350mhz blue & white G3, with 640mb ram, a 6GB Hard Drive, A DVD ROM, and OS 10.4.11 installed.

It as two 400 Mbps FireWire ports (not bootable from FireWire), two 12 Mbps USB 1.1 ports , one ADB port
& a 10/100Base-T ethernet connector on back of computer.

plus it has a SCSI card, so if you have any old SCSI peripherals you were dying to use... this is your baby. :D

Comes with a keyboard, a monitor (there's a Mac 17" CRT studio display of uncertain future longevity and a perfectly good NEC 17" CRT to choose from. Or take Both!)

I just installed the DVD ROM drive and Tiger OS today, so I can say that it definitely works fine.

I will also throw in a SCSI Zip Drive & what might be the last working 44MB SyQuest Drive on earth! With a bunch of disks!

All this can be yours for a mere $100 smackers! *G*

I'll be honest here, this isn't a heavy lifting Mac, but if all you need is to do is Blog, word process, email and surf the web, it can do all these things admirably, or serve as a kid's first computer, that you dont have to worry about losing a big investment if they spill grape soda on it.

I'm terribly keen to get it out of my house! *G*

(unrelated to this mac- because it wont play nice with it,and believe me i tried to make it, is and el cheapo Dell printer - was a promotional freebie. It's free to the first person who asks for it)

Thank you!

Jun. 21st, 2009 11:16 am
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to all the folks who turned out for my birthday party! yay!
(If you didn't show up, we missed you, but hope to see you another time :P)

*G* The weather messed with us a bit at the beginning, slowing down set-up and such, but it did eventually clear up to a nice sunny/breezy day. And the Armageddon Tstorm they kept predicting, never showed, thank goodness. (tho i did keep checking live doppler on the intarwebs every couple of hours to make sure.)

So it was a little smaller that parties we've had in years past, but that was a not at all a bad thing!
There was Bacon theme! [ profile] la_penguinita made a Bacon Explosion. It was marvelously yummy, and no one keeled over from cardiac arrest.

(tell me again, which arm hurts when you're having a heart attack? :P)

There was food a-plenty, people spinning poi, kiddie pools with kids in them, lots of good conversations, adorable babies, men in matching Akubras & Fabulous desserts! [ profile] museclio made key lime pie. Twice. And there was that totally yummy chocolate cake, that [ profile] easy_living keeps trying to kill me with. *G*

And a truly epic "apples to apples" game. And tasty accidental butter.

Yay!!! This morning, we got all the overnight guests fed & caffinated and packed off to enjoy some tubing. (I was temepted to go, but my spoon levels/task list made not going the wise choice.)

Thank you all so much. I'm a very lucky person to know such peoples! **hugs*
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As far as I can tell from looking at doppler radar, the worst of today's weather is happening *right now*, (now being 11:15 AM) and should be cleared out in an hour or so.

So, Game on. *G*

(we will be putting up the pavillion after the thundercell passes, so in the event of more rain later, we'll have lots more *covered area* to hang out in)
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some doofus physically *cut* our Fios Cable.

no phone, no intertubez, no TV until..... Tuesday.

cell phones still work. (tho the signal at the house sucks.

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Linky to invite and RSVP catcher

Next Saturday! The 20th! be there or be rhomboid! (or parallelogram!) *G*

and yes, you may spin fire!
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Rays The Steaks
2300 wilson blvd. (tho really its around back and much closer to Clarendon rd.)

OMG. Teh Awesome.

this is where we went for our Tenth anniversary fancy dinner.

OMG. If you are a fan of big red hunks of meat, This it your place.

(even if you arent , they also have some lovely looking seafood dishes.)

food porn beneath cut! )

We has very big doggie bags, we does. But truly we would gleefully go back there *again*, especially as the menu has less expensive, and more reasonably sized items on it such that you could probably get out of the for less than $75 for 2 folks, and still count yourself *very*, *Very* well fed.

Me go crash now. *thud* zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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At Approximately 3:20 pm (we were late, due to firetruck drama while picking up a bridesmaid) *ten* years ago, [ profile] 3ravensringo & I got married.

where does the time go? )

We've been thru a *lot* since then, buying a home, weathering deaths, job changes, & all sorts of personal growth. And we're still here! And still committed to working on stuff together.

Love, you sweetie!

TEN YEARS. *G* It's simply shocking how time flies when you're having fun.
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Remember *this* Entry?

We awoke to discover that *that* refrigerator has stopped making things cold. Arrrrgh.
I've called Sears, and while I'm impressed that we are *still* in their system, I'm annoyed to discover that at 5 years +1 month we is all out of warranty. Arrrgh.

Any of my local pals have large appliance repair people they recommend?

I mean really... IMEX, Fridges *last* longer than 5 years. Really.


EDIT: J has called someone to come over and have a look at it.. who *isn't* the folks Keetara anti-recommended. *G*
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I'll be *44*! *G*

*G* It's same deal as every other year!

Jim and I will once again throw a large, chaotic, fun barbecue in our backyard!

June 20th, 2009 From 1PM, until either everyone leaves, or we get really tired. *G*

(last years party went on *well* into the night.)

We'll provide some hamburgers and hot dogs, and a shiny hot grill! We'll prolly also have some bevvies. Bring bevvies, if you like, bring a side dish if you like, or bring nothing but your lovely selves. It's all good.

The one thing you may wish to bring, is your very own lawn chair or picnic blanket!

I'll put up the pavilion, and put out the croquet set & the kiddie pool! And likely hang pirate flags all over, because, hey, this is me!

(And Tiki Torches, for *what* is a party without Tiki Torches, I ask you?)

No presents needed, just your *presence* and well wishes.

SO's & Children welcomed, we'll do what we *can* to kid-safe the environs.

Hope to see ya'll there!

Leave a note, if you have no idea where I live!

RSVPs are handy, if only to give us some idea of how many packs of burgers/kosherdogs/veggie burgers to get.

(And yes I know its FSG that weekend. Alas. I'll miss you! Have fun!)

home safe

Apr. 7th, 2009 11:56 pm
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From wheaton!

- [ profile] vyxenmacd gets the award for "Person I was Most Surprised to See in the Pub"

- Clipper City's "Holy Sheet" should only be ordered in *half* pints. (by me) Tasty, but ooooh, my head!

- I was very pleased with the Visiting Latvian Harmonizers. They sounded really pretty. I'll even forgive them for the accordion.

- I sang 2 songs, and only started one in a Key Too High. *G*

good times!
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Really really! *G*

Because this a a rare Fee Tuesday Nite, I'm hauling my kiester out to the Wheaton Shanty Sing!
Who shall I See there, I wonder?

And I also wanted to take a moment to wish the Fabulous [ profile] sweetpea86 a Happy, snappy Birthday! *G*
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I am plotting on how to cook 1.6 POUNDS of sliced pork bellies. So far my researches have pointed me towards seasoning them with salt and garlic, and frying them till mostly crisp. Then coat them with a soy/honey/ginger/garlic sauce and broil them in the oven for a bit to carmelize.

Then serve with chopped scallions, sesame seeds and broccoli over brown rice.
(not all 1.6 lbs at *once* mind you. Balance will be frozen for future use.)

That, and in other food reminders to myself: I have crusts and filling for a MeatPie(tm) in the freezer that are approaching their use-by date. Must prepare real soon now, before it gets warm enough that MeatPie(tm) is no longer appealing. Perhaps Saturday, for dinner, for my hubbies birthday. *burp*

Unless someone has any other ideas for what to do with 1.6 lbs of slice pork belly... *G*
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How we’ve come to believe that overeating causes obesity

"The bipartisan Mississippi legislation, which proposed to ban restaurants from serving fat people purportedly to help them lose weight, has highlighted the most popular misconception about fat people. One that even a lot of fat people have been led to believe: that they overeat and that’s why they’re obese.

This concept has been drilled into us and “everybody knows” it to be true. But is it?

Obesity, Health, and Metabolic Fitness

"Exercise and healthy eating should not be viewed merely as means to an end (weight loss), but rather as having their own intrinsic value."

I'm really beginning to think, that the major positive effect that I want is mostly gained not by *subtracting* foods, but thru *adding* physical activity. In the last 6 months, I've fallen off the the "moderate aerobic exercise 30 min a day , 5 days a week" wagon, without changing what I'm eating all that much. And i can tell you the results: I'm starting to re-pudge, I'm stiffer and ach-ier, My moods have been more erratic, and I've been dealing with a sort of very low-grade depression/lack of energy and/or motivation.

It is time to re-motivate. Really.
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I looked up from perusing my friends page and realized I haven't posted in this journal in 4 *weeks*.


Well obviously, I've survived the mini-snowpocolypse. My boss decided to have a snow day, so I've been puttering around the house all day. I tidied my office then un-tidied it again while trying to find something. *sigh* I ran the dishwasher, AND unloaded it. (Exciting, eh? The glamour, it buuuurrrns.)

I cleared expired canned goods out of my cabinets. Canned corn that expired in 2004 counts as Vegetable Zombies. I organized our collection of teas. (Is your heart beating any faster yet? :P)

I made dinner, which was an improvised version of North Carolina Style pulled chicken. (onions, garlic, hot-sauce, tomato paste, red wine vinegar, hard cider, honey + defrosted leftover chicken.) Stewed till the chicken was falling apart, then served over a brown rice and quinoa pilaf. Yum.

I did have some excitement this weekend, with the Privateer Feast! (11K-ish raised! whoohoo!) I continued my general trend of Not winning raffle items. *G* But really, i don't got to these things to win raffle items, I go to support the great work many of my friends do to raise money for *very* worthy causes. The fabulous conviviality is simply a wondrous side-effect. *G* I was terribly glad to see all the folks i know who were there, and I missed those who weren't. ***hugs**

I was plied with all sort of libations, but managed to stay on the light side of the force. (slightly lubricated social glow:*good!*, sloppy drunk=*bad*.)The food was very yummmy,and plenty of it! Mmmmmmmmushrooms. The Musical entertainment was wonderful. As usual, I flitted about the room, trying to talk to everyone at once. ::::wwwwwhhhhhhhirrrrrrr::: And also as usual, the 4 hours or so went by tremendously fast.

Good times, I tell you! Hard to belive its been *8* years. My god, how time does fly. I still remeber sitting at a table in the ground round after faire when this idea was being batted around for the first time.
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Many Many Hippo birdies to you! Have a lovely birthday and an enjoyable next trip around the sun!

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